Guest at One Little Bird

I am one of the April guest designers at One Little Bird for the month of April. I have admired Peppermint’s digital designs for about two years now. I was pretty happy to be asked to be a part of her team for the month of April; especially since my friend, Heather,  is a full-time member of her team.

The new release for April is called “Between Us” and I decided to use it for a page in my Coffee Mini Album. This insert is about my love affair with coffee. *swoon* I started drinking coffee in college when I started having to pull all-nighters to work on my design projects for interior design. Studio space was limited and it was easier to focus in an empty-ish studio at 1:00am. I remember the first time I tasted coffee I thought it was disgusting. So I started drinking coffee creamer with a splash of coffee. To this day when I go to visit friends and family, they all stock the fridge with Hazelnut Coffeemate. I put so much creamer in coffee it’s barely coffee. Though I will say as I get older I’m putting less and less creamer. I have started to really pay attention to the way coffee is roasted and I love finding new coffee roasters whenever I visit anyplace new. I am able to recognize the various tastes described on the labels now & definitely favor caramel notes in my coffee. I have developed a list of my favorites that I’m noting in my album.

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