Memory Pocket Monthly – April

The Memory Pocket Monthly theme at The Lilypad for April is Renew. The colors in this set are really great for the blue skies and rainy days that come with Springtime. Our Spring usually consists of random days of sunshine and A LOT of heavy rainfall. It doesn’t last long before our long stretches of sunshine arrive, but the sunny days bring everyone in our city outside. If the temperature gets anywhere above 50 degrees, everyone is in light jackets and shades. Sometimes even shorts!


The photo above is half of my Week 11 layout for my Project Life album. It documents a typical night when my boys have to come with me in the van to their sister’s swim practice. I also included a story about my daughter’s orchestra concert. She is a cellist and we took the whole family to this concert. Typically my boys won’t last at an event like this one. Truth be told, they barely lasted through this one!

I used my silhouette to cut out a few elements from this month’s kit. usually I will staple, glue or use foam tape to attach the elements. I like the added visual interest of the tiny staples and raised look of the foam tape.


I included a flip-up in this layout with the date of the concert and one of my favorite photos from the night. Isn’t she the cutest?! The glittery star shown is from a kit I bought by Ali Edwards … I can’t recall which one. I am almost out of them and I’m going to be so sad when they’re all gone!


The other half of the layout shows photos from a walk in our neighborhood. I usually do my layouts divided up in columns or full pages. Keeping that layout concept consistent allows me to plan how many photos I’ll need to include in my layout of each memory I want to capture. Life is busy, so I knew that I wanted this layout to include close-ups of each of my kids, a photo of the three of them together and a group shot. I don’t know about you guys, but my family whines to no end when I make them do group selfies! Thankfully they usually humor me and take the photos, but I’m usually allowed 1 to 2 photos at MOST! So I’m very careful when I’m setting up the shots. LOL!

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